Friday, December 26, 2014

No More Number Specific GOALS!

I've been really stressing about certain goals I've set for myself lately and have not reached.
1. Blogging 100 posts for this year.
2. Losing the 40 pounds I promised myself I would lose this year.
3. Back squatting 200 pounds.

Most of these are fitness related and this led me to this blog post which I thought was an excellent read:

I am only going to set one goal for this year:  JUST DO IT
Just follow the Weight Watchers program I pay for and I will lose weight.
Just blog! (doesn't matter how many!) Blogging makes me more reflective which is why I want to do it in the first place.
Just lift!  My favorite weight lifting program is the 5-3-1 program by Jim Wendler which if I would just do it, I would hit my 200 pound squat and my 130 bench!

It seems like when I set these number specific goals I freeze up and stop doing what I'm supposed to do.  Two goals I set and was successful with were starting and graduating college when I was 32 years old and competing in bodybuilding competitions.
I didn't set out with the goals of graduating with a certain GPA, (although I did get Summa Cum Laude) and when I competed the goal was always to just be my best.

So as I look to the new year I am excited about starting off with this new goal or mantra in mind.

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