Thursday, December 11, 2014

#MTBoS Blogging Challenge Week 17

28 posts left of my 100 posts in 2014 challenge, and two weeks of school left before our huge 2 week break!  This is the first year we are getting a whole two weeks off and I'm a little nervous.  Nervous about how my kids are going to act as we get closer to the end, especially since they are they get more excited crazy then the older kids?  And are they going to retain what we learn these two weeks?
I'm linking up with Sherrie for the #MTBoS Challenge to blog every week for the rest of the year.  This week we have decided to write about our strategies for keeping students engaged and learning up until the end.
My strategy this year is going to be keep them busy and distracted!  I really just have this week coming up and then probably next Monday- Wednesday.  We have a PD day today (Monday) so this week is going to be about reteaching.  They saw their scores from the benchmark exam and were horrified, so they will have this week to review and relearn so I think they will be pretty engaged in order to get that grade up.
Next week we have the winter concert which the whole school participates in, so there will be lots of practices and then on Friday student council is showing Frozen at 1:30 for the rest of the day!  Wooo hooo!  I was not looking forward to Friday afternoon now I can breathe a little bit!

I am just now returning to this post, its Thursday night!  I'm way behind on my challenge but the reteach week was really cool.  Tomorrow they have their reassessment to see how much they "relearned" lol.  What I thought was cool was that I arranged them in groups by how they did on the standard we assessed. Sometimes I wrote down the names and cringed "Oh my I can't put "THEM" together!" but guess what?  It worked out really good!
I believe I am going to experiment with random groups next week!

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