Saturday, December 6, 2014

29 to go! Procrastinating...

Goal:  100 Posts in 2014!!
Tons of work to do this weekend so I can't think of a better way to procrastinate than writing a blog post!
Like I said before we got our benchmark results back. I am so conflicted on how I feel about standardized testing.  On one hand I absolutely hate it.  My 5th graders only had 21 days to learn and master computing with decimals and add/subtract/multiply fractions.  I don't know but I think that is too much for 5th graders.  Also, I know that some of my kids know the concepts and are horrible test takers.  My 6th graders did a little bit better and I was really happy with how well they did on the coordinate plane items.
On the other hand, I like having our benchmarks made and graded by an outside company.  They are very good with letting us know what the students will be tested on and they give us lots of resources and a good test bank of questions. Also, we are in a network of schools using the service so I can compare how we do to the other schools.
We have a "Data Day" on Monday where we analyze the results and work as a team at how we are going to reteach and reassess and move our students.    I love that.
Right now I'm trying to figure out which standards should be retaught next week, which in reality since my 5ths scored 40% and my 6ths scored 56% overall, I want to say that EVERYTHING needs reteaching, but then that is cutting into preparing for the next benchmark exams in February.  My plan is to reteach the 3-4 standards that were below 40-50% and then keep spiraling in everything during the interim.
This is why I need to perfect guided math/stations.  And when I say perfect it, I really mean implement it!

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