Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My job is hard.  I have had a rough year.  Everyday I think of a million things that I could have done better.  I can pick myself apart every single day and list a million reasons why I suck. But in the end that is one of the reasons why I love it.

If you asked me what is my favorite genre of books, I would tell you it is self-improvement.
I hate complacency.  I could always always always improve.

I saw a post on facebook today that asked you to fill in the blank:  Education is...  and the first thing that came to mind was exhilarating!

I love that middle school kids are SO difficult.  I love that most of them hate math and my daily struggle is not only to teach them but to get them interested in the subject.

I am having a positive moment because my math coach came in the other day and gave me really positive feedback.

My takeaway for this blog post is one of the resources I stumbled onto recently:  www.  Awesome!  Smart Notebook files, Powerpoint files, pdf files, unit plans, classwork/homework.  All aligned to common core. Couldn't ask for more!

Friday, February 8, 2013


Yeah that is a distress call I am sending out.

Here is the situation.  I am in my third year, I have figured out classroom management, I have figured out how to teach the concepts. I do have really great successes each week.  The problem is, how do I get the students to want to learn and succeed.  How do I get them to pass their benchmark exams?

It really comes down to this.  How do I get them to pass the tests...the standardized tests  or basically the cumulative tests. They do fine on the quizzes, tests at the end of the unit etc.  Then it just goes right out the window.  We are a small k-8 school and it is pretty much up to me to get the middle school to pass the state standards in math as I teach all of the 7th/8th math classes. My principal pretty much told me the future of my job depends on if I can get these kids to pass the test.

So what do I do?   Right now I am tempted to just open the NJAsk Coach workbook and drill them on this until May.  Is that the way?  Is teaching to the test really bad in math?

I am the only 7th/8th grade math teacher in my school, does anyone know of an active website where 7th/8th math teachers talk shop?  I am on Edmodo, twitter, etc.  Any suggestions are appreciated!