Thursday, August 21, 2014

Room is Ready!!!

I have been working on my room since last Wednesday.  I am really excited about my room this year.  I'm not really a fan of themes, but this year I adopted a superhero, patriotic theme and I'm really digging it.  I think in the end your room has to be comfortable for YOU since you are the one that spends so much time in it every day!

So here it is the final product!  (almost, one tiny thing to do first)
above my IWB obviously, excited to add the place value chart for my fifths!
This board is for my "Fantastic Fifths" (homework, objective, essential quesiton)
"Super Sixth" side.  This is where my laptop goes to hook up to my IWB, and where my Elmo lives!
My comic theme clock background from Pinterest...was it a fail?  Can't decide.
Divisibility rules!  New desks sooooo happy about that! Shelf for manipulatives, INB stuff and student folders.
Board idea stolen from the fabulous "Sarahs" at and
Here's my desk and tiny to-do, have to staple my board!  This is the most organized my desk will look all year!!!
Wooo Hooo!  Love this so much more than my SWAG poster from last year!!  Below is my calendar, wish I got a full wall shot!
Another Pinterest idea.  This is literally my word wall, the vocab words will extend off of the bulletin board.  I should probably just get rid of it next year.  
This I think still needs more work, but I'm not sure yet what to do!
All in all I am really happy with it.  Next week we have four full days of PD, with a little bit of time here and there so I can do a little bit.
On a side note, these past two days were spent mostly interviewing.  One of the cool things about working at a charter school is that the teachers are so involved with everything.  This year we are filling an ESL, 7th grade ELA and World Language position.  So far so good, next week will be demo's and they are always fun!

A peek into our classrooms was the topic for this weeks #MTBoS Blogging Challenge!  If you would like to share yours click here!  


  1. Looks great Robin. I was at school last week Mon-Fri and have my room in good shape, but lots left to do.

  2. Thanks Sherrie! I am finally ready! Kids come back this Wednesday :)