Sunday, August 17, 2014

3-2-1 Sunday Summary 8/17/14

3 Things to I Need to Do:

  • Finish my room-I covered my boards with black paper since we didn't have much in stock and I thought it would make the colors pop, but I'm not loving it.  I hope that when I go in tomorrow it feels better.    
  • Work on my reflections for the Math is Personal smooc I am participating in.
  • Work on lessons-would love to get the first unit for 5th and 6th done.  This includes finding good juicy problems to work on each day and creating the centers!

2 Things I Am Looking Forward to:

  • Lunch with my college buddy!
  • Finishing my room!

1 Thing I  Am Struggling With:

  • Not knowing my schedule or even how many minutes I have for each class.  It is so hard to plan without knowing this!  We probably won't have anything solidified until the following week.

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