Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mission and Vision Statements


The mission of The Queen City Academy Charter School is to provide a nurturing and cooperative learning community where each student can achieve his/her maximum academic, creative and physical potential; develop a lifelong love of learning; develop respect for self and others in a multicultural world; develop self confidence and self esteem; function with high ethical standards; and accept responsibility.

I love my school.  We congregate every morning in our auditorium before homeroom and say the Pledge of Allegiance and our school mission statement.  Our Director (principal) or Asst. Director (vice principal) reads the daily announcements and then we are dismissed.  

I think our morning routine really makes us feel like a family, we are a small K-8 school and even though the 8th graders tend to think its a little corny, it is nice to be all together as one school body in the morning.

We started last year by really focusing on our mission, but it kind of faded out.  We say it every morning, so it does get to be a little automatic.  I would like to focus on keeping that mission front and center all year long.  The biggest challenge in our whole statement though is "develop a lifelong love of learning."  I think the staff and students do a great job with every other line in our mission except this one.  

Does your school have a mission statement and how do you carry it out?  

Do you have a mission or vision statement for your classroom?  I tried that last year as a suggestion by Principal Kafele who we had the honor of hearing speak at our school during our PD week.  My vision looked like this:

We will persevere in problem solving.
We will not fear mistakes but embrace them as opportunities for learning. We shall achieve the goal of becoming mathematical thinkers.

I still like my vision statement, but again it fizzled out after the first week or so.  


  1. Our district's mission statement is: The mission of Community Unit School District 95 is to inspire all students to be passionate, continuous learners and to prepare them with the skills to achieve their goals and flourish as responsible, caring citizens in a global community.

    I do a terrible job with the citizenship part, and that's the most important part. If we're to engage kids and keep them motivated they need to see themselves as valuable contributors to society. I had an interesting conversation with a colleague recently. We talked about all the hullabaloo surrounding the Common Core. Her question was why didn't the Common Core begin with government? Students know nothing about government and citizenship. I didn't respond but secretly I'm thinking it's because the powers that be want to remain in power.

  2. Why do you think you do a terrible job with the citizenship part? Connecting to the outside world? I too have trouble with that. I like your mission statement a lot!
    I totally agree with your last statement!! sigh!