Saturday, July 5, 2014

Standards Saturday

July Blogging Challenge-Day 5

One of my priorities this summer is to get to know the 5th grade standards inside and out.  I have to really learn the 6th grade standards as well, but they are closer to 7/8 which I already know, so I'm focusing on 5th first.

That being said, I think I will dedicate my Saturday and Sunday posts to exploring these standards!

I like the way our textbook lays out the curriculum, so even though I may not be following it lesson by lesson, I will be using the organizational plan it lays out.  First up in 5th grade is Whole Numbers.  The standard addressed in all 4 lessons of this chapter is:
5.NBT.1- Number and Operations in Base Ten
Understand the place value system.
1. Recognize that in a multi-digit number, a digit in one place represents 10 times as much as it represents in the place to its right and 1/10 of what it represents in the place to its left.

The gist of this chapter is going to be learning to write numbers in standard and word form, reading numbers by periods, learning place value and expanded form, comparing numbers and rounding numbers.

I remember my son struggling with this last year.  I ended up making him a foldable at home for periods that he used when doing his homework. I was happy that he was able to use it in school during classwork.
I can't believe when 7/8th graders can't read bigger numbers.  I know that it makes them feel incompetent as well.  Why is this a skill that doesn't "stick"  This is just another reminder of why I am so excited to be teaching 5th grade this year. The buck stops here, they are not leaving me without this basic knowledge!!

My immediate instinct is to start lesson planning, going through each lesson in the chapter.  However, this year, I really want to embrace backward design and math workshop. What do I want these kids to be able to do after this chapter is done and how can I get them there. What can I get them to create, or what real world product can they make from learning this stuff?  I wish I had the answers right now to blog about, but this is going to be a year that I work very hard for my salary!
I may end up editing this post when I find some answers and as always I would love comments!  I know most of the #MTBoS are higher grades, what would you wish 5/6th grade teachers would do?

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  1. What a great idea for posting! I may have to steal if from you, even though I've been using my CCSS for three years now. I agree with you on the backward design and you know how much I love workshop. I wish you lived closer so we could meet in person. We need to do a google hangout this summer. Next best thing. Maybe we could get one with all the peeps in the blogging challenge.