Wednesday, July 9, 2014

#eduRead Wednesday!

July Blogging Challenge Day 9

I can tell this is going to become one of my new favorite chats and I am thankful for the "topic" to help make this blogging challenge a little bit easier.

I liked that this week's article, Even Geniuses Work Hard by Carol Dweck, gave us ideas on how we can help our students to develop a growth mindset by creating a growth mindset culture in our classrooms.
I'm pretty sure the ideas are not really new, talk about successful people who didn't start out so successful (Edison, Disney, Einstein, etc), create a goal and a plan on how you will reach it, praise the effort not the answer and showing progress with things like a pre/post test.
The idea that I really liked was grading for growth.  She talked about a school that instead of giving a failing grade, they got marked "Not Yet".  I love this!  I'd also like to take this a step further and for a C grade mark "Almost There!"  I don't like when kids are satisfied with a C grade.  Since I allow students to retake quizzes and tests, I am going to do this.  This way they don't get down on themselves when they see a low score or bad grade.

I'm looking forward to the chat tonight!  If you haven't participated yet there is still time to read the article and join in the chat tonight at 9pm!

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