Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blogging Challenge Day 1!

Hey Happy May Day!  May 1st!  I'm starting my own 30 day blogging challenge.  Ready?  I am....not!

Ok here's whats going on.  First, non-teachery stuff...I went to an amazing concert last night-Twenty One Pilots.  I have a 16 year old daughter who loves the same kind of music as I do, and one of our only favorite shared activities is going to concerts.  I was not supposed to go last night, it was going to be the first time I dropped off her and her friend, but at the last minute her friend couldn't go.  So I went, first, let me complain that not only did I not get carded, they might have well said "move along grandma" I can't help it, I was bummed about that.  But, the show was really good!  I love every song on their latest album and the show itself was really entertaining. Although I complained about being old earlier, I am really glad that I got to sit at the bar and watch the show instead of toughing it out in the pit.  My daughter has bruises!

Now on to teacher stuff!  Not good news to report.  I had my first and only observation today and I was not pleased with my students.  I scheduled it for my homeroom which is the high achieving class.  I prepped them and they behaved horribly.  I haven't had my post observation conference yet, but I don't care, I was pissed at the way they acted.  Just to name a few things, they didn't listen to my directions, they argued over who was going to go to check the work of other groups, they didn't take out their notes to help them when I told them to do so, etc.  Then to top it all off, the third class of the day came in, rearranged their desks and found gum smeared all over one of them.  I was thoroughly finished with all of them!

 I just need to get through tomorrow and then next week is state testing.  I wish I could say that I am confident my kids will do well, but at this point, I would be surprised if anyone passes!  As far as school goes, I am a Debbie Downer today!

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