Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Own Blogging Challenge

I think there is a 30 day blogging challenge going on, but I'm not sure.  What I am sure of is that I want to blog more, I stink at it, and I know that blogging more often should help me get better!
My plan is to blog every single day of May.  May is going to be an interesting month.  It starts off with my very first observation of the year!  YIKES!  I don't mind being observed at all, but now that I have tenure I only get one a year which is kind of scary since I feel like I only get one shot!   We are reviewing and preparing for our state tests the following week so I decided to do a lesson on similar triangles since we haven't really done much with that this year.
The second week will be NJAsk, that is going to be a boring blog week I'm sure!  Then we get one week of regular school and then its off to Washington, DC with the 8th grade for 4 days!  I LOVE our 8th grade trip each year.  I've toyed with moving down to 5/6th grade but the DC trip is definitely something that holds me back from moving down.

I think the biggest struggle I am going to have with my challenge is titling my posts!  I hate trying to come up with a title each day!  Any suggestions?

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