Friday, May 9, 2014

5/9/14 -XOXO

I teach at a K-8 school and I always feel like our 7th/8th graders are much better behaved than kids at the local 7-8 middle schools.  We haven't had a fight in two years, there is no cursing (well, none that we hear) and I rarely ever have to confiscate phones.  
So today at dismissal I was literally shocked when one of my 8th grade boys went over and kissed a 7th grade girl right on the lips!  They are just babies!  My husband is giving me a hard time about this, but I called both parents and gave the boy a detention.  I hope the girl doesn't get in trouble, I explained to her mom that she was just standing there and HE kissed her, but she sounded pissed!  I have a great relationship with the boys mom and she was like "And THATS why he's going to an all boys high school!"
Did I do the right thing by calling?  I think I did.  Other teachers saw it and if it I let go and it got back to the principal I don't think that would be too cool.

On a happier note, since 4th grade was finishing up the science portion of the state test today, we didn't have a regular schedule today again, so I only saw two real classes besides my homeroom so we played the 24 Game and it was AWESOME.  I love how engaged kids get with that game!  I really want to set up an official tournament since I have the whole kit.   One class got stuck on a good one and they ended up working on it all day in other classes and trying to get their other teachers to figure it out.  It was 7, 7, 5, 6.  Can you figure it out?

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