Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 6 and a Present in the Mail!!!

Yay!  So a week or so ago I found out I won a raffle from reading one of my favorite blogs!
Look at all these goodies!!  One of things I love the most are the check mark correcting stickers!  In addition to Great Job! and Way to Go! there is Nice Work!, Try Again, Much Better and Good Try!  Love those messages for the kids work!

Today went much better, even though I only got through half of the lesson I planned for 6th grade and in one of my 6th grade classes we were so involved and working hard we went 5 minutes over class time and didn't even realize it!  Yikes!

Split my 5th grade double block up and did stations for the 2nd half, but oh boy do they need to practice procedures!  Its hard to try implementing stuff like this once we've gotten into the curriculum but I know we'll never get anywhere if I don't!

Tomorrow I have the other 5th grade class for a double so we'll try it again.  I am also toying with the idea of flipping my class a little bit again.  By flipping I mean having them complete the notes portion of the class on the foldable.  Seems like I have 1 kid in two classes who don't have internet at home, I have to see how early they get to school then I can pull them in the mornings to complete the assignment.

In other news, 5th grade drama is starting to surface.  I knew that my incoming 5ths had some drama last year in 4th and they definitely split up  some bad combinations, but it looks like its starting again already.  I had 4 student out in the hall at the end of the day and I got 4 different stories. Most of it was he tripped me, she called me mean names, tattling stuff.  However one girl said that one of the boys said she was ugly because she was black and I need to get to the bottom of that.  Tried calling the school councelors but they didn't answer so hopefuly they will be able to speak to them tomorrow.  I am also going to do a "Tattleing lesson" of some sort during our 30 minute skills block at the end of the day.

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