Monday, September 8, 2014

Day 4: Building Routines

Although I have said before how difficult the grade level change seems to be, there are at least a few teaching skills that transfer from grade to grade.
One of those things is the importance of creating good habits and setting good routines.  So far I absolutely love my do now routine which is practicing basic skills around the number of the day.  The number of the day has been the month and day, so for example, today's number was 98.
Each day students have three different boxes with tasks they have to complete. Today it was to write in expanded form, round to the nearest ten, double it, and then check the divisibility of the number by the numbers 2 to 10.  I know I'm going to have to tweak it for 6th grade, way too easy.  We are doing factors and multiples this week, so I'm sure going to add that on there!
Although we are only really two days into it, I am super excited about my INBs!! Not only am I excited to use them in class, but it makes lesson planning really easy too!  I just build my notebook pages and that is how I write my lesson plan.
Today students put in their Unit 1 Table of Contents and their vocabulary pages.  On the right side page I'm having them put a KWC organizer.
Awesome Unit Table of Contents page from Sarah at
For their vocabulary pages they write the definition under the tab.  5th grade actually had 3 sheets of vocab words, so on the second page of the second set they will pick one of the words and draw an illustration to represent it.  I can't wait to see their pictures tomorrow!

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