Friday, September 5, 2014

Day 3-The Great Locker Struggle

What a week!  5th and 6th grade is such a different experience.  So far I'm really happy and optimistic about the school year.  The only trouble I'm having right now is getting my little 5ths used to their lockers!

I have about 12 combinations memorized right now from doing them the whole week.  Then they take FOREVER getting their stuff and forgetting things after they've finished.
I know its only the first week and I have to be patient with them, but this is killing me!  They took 18 minutes out of my math class on Thursday, it was a nightmare.
Today we got out of school 15 minutes late because they couldn't get it together.  I know one problem that I have that the other 5th grade homeroom teacher doesn't have is that my lockers are stacked in three's and hers are in twos.  This means only 6 of mine can go at a time and 9 of hers can go.

I've got my timer set and they are only allowed 2 minutes, which should be 6 minutes for my whole class. I'm really hoping they get faster with practice!

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