Sunday, July 21, 2013

Minds on Math: Chapter 7 "Minilessons"

Problem of the Day: How do you set students up for success as independent thinkers and problem solvers?

This chapter has a lot to offer.  The minilessons are our chance to teach students to think like mathematicians. The purpose or goal is not to teach algorithms or procedures but to model the thinking by doing things such as highlighting the use of background knowledge and teaching problem solving skills.

This is an idea that I will have to get used to since I am a relatively new teacher and have been coached in my approximately 3 years teaching to demonstrate the steps.  My school is big on the "I do","We do", "You do" method.  However I feel like that this method requires students to see every type of problem done in order to learn it.  They are learning to follow steps instead of learning how to think mathematically.  I am hoping that focusing on teaching the mathematical thinking will help them to learn how to apply the concepts, rather than just imitate the steps.

Oh and I have to share some GREAT videos from a school that uses the math workshop.  It really is cool to see it in action!  Check them out here: 6th Grade and 7th Grade


  1. Thank you for the videos. I've seen them both before but was having trouble finding them.

  2. The videos are great! I like how the teacher in 6th grade used examples from an assessment, although our assessments and questions have now changed.
    Thanks for sharing!
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