Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Minds on Math: Chapter 10 "Sharing and Reflection"

Problem of the Day:  How can we ensure that students end class understanding and retaining their learning?

At the end of the math workshop we need to let students share out either as a whole group or in small groups/pairs. The idea is that talking out their thoughts about the work they just did with their peers will help them retain it better.  After sharing, students should reflect on their own learning by writing about it.

I have always tried to schedule time in my lessons for sharing.  However, we would often run out of time.  Something I notice about the workshop model is that the components seem very familiar to the things I feel I do now (Opening=Do now, minilessons, sharing, etc) but with a different importance placed on them.  I used to let us run out of time if the students were working hard on their classwork, I figured that was when they were learning.  But if by making sure they had that time to share and talk it out they would retain it more, then it will be worth it.  I also like the idea of sharing in pairs or smaller groups.  I like the idea of having the kids get up and pair off with a student from another group at the end.

Now for reflection, I'm thinking, "well, if I run out of time for sharing, how in the world am I going to have time for reflection?!"  One of my thoughts is, why not make it part of the opening routine.  This way students can reflect on what they learned the day before in preparation for the day's lesson.

I am now ready to reread this whole book and really get down to planning out my workshops!

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  1. Absolutely a re-read, I totally agree! I'm so excited to start planning as well. I'll be excited to come back and check out your blog to see how it is working.