Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A vision is forming...

My post (rambling) yesterday was focused around the idea that I don't really know what my class is going to look like next year.  I am starting to form some ideas and I am pretty excited about what I came up with this morning.  I need to write it down before I forget.

  1. Start off with a basic video on the "topic" kind of like a how to, the mechanics of a skill, etc.
    1. Use a guided summary sheet to help students take notes.
  2. Students will come into class the next day and take an assessment on the skill.
    1. The result of the assessment will sort them into three categories separated by color.  I am thinking blue, green and yellow.  I don't want it to be hugely obvious as to which group is the basic, on level and advanced, but I'm sure they will figure it out anyway.
    2. Once they finish the assessment they will show me their work and I will assign the color, they will go to the colored folder to take their assignment for that day.  Once everyone has their work they should be seated in groups of the same color, still trying to figure this out somehow.  How do I get them together by color if they finish at different times, etc.  Maybe I will give them a 7 minute time limit and then show the answers on the board and have them self categorize  I am just afraid of them wanting to pick a color based on what their friends get!  -OK this needs some more thought!
    3. Groups-
      1. Basic-I will spend the most time with assisting/reteaching etc.  Basic or Level A problems.
      2. On level-the middle guys!  Level B problems starting basic and getting higher level.
      3. Advanced-Level C work mostly word problems etc.  
        1. All group work will be self corrected with answer sheets.
    4. After the leveled practice piece students will mix together into mixed groups of the three levels and work on either a complex problem or project.
    5. The last piece will be another assessment (based on leveled color.)
Lots more to think about but I am pretty happy with this vision so far! Our school motto is "Failure is not an option!" and I feel like leveling the work and assessments will help achieve this.

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