Friday, August 19, 2011

Some things I am planning for the first week...

The good news is, is that I don't have to turn in formal plans until 9/12!  However, I am not naive enough to think that means I don't need lesson plans for that first week!
So I know that most of the first week will focus on procedures and expectations.  Then instead of jumping into Unit 1 right away, I am going to do some lessons on general problem solving and do a preassessment.
I plan on using a really neat book The Math Curse by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith which someone gave me as a gift (thanks Jeralyn!) along with a lesson plan to go with it that I found on the NCTM website! Sweet!
I will also use another book that I really enjoy: Math Stories for Problem Solving Success.  I will focus on the number sense and operation problems since that is what our first unit will be based on.  I like that this book gives three sets of problems with the stories so that I can use it to differentiate between 7th/8th and also the different levels of my students.

The bad news is that our new interactive whiteboards (Polyvision) won't be installed until the evening of 9/12-9/13!  That means I can either do without or "try" to use the Mimio and projector.  My problem is a teeny tiny room and the projector gets in the way and I had a ton of trouble with it last year.  Can't wait to have the overhead projector!!!

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