Saturday, August 27, 2011

Creating my Classroom!

I spent Thursday and Friday cleaning and stapling and rearranging furniture.  I am so excited about the new school year I already can't sleep :)
Here are some pictures of my room.  It is small and its a real challenge to arrange the desks and be able to walk around and have the kids not have their back to me LOL.
I am also using fabric on all of my boards this year, so far I LOVE it and haven't even starting pulling staples out yet.  I am sure that is going to make me smile everytime I do it and not have to worry about the paper ripping!
This is one of my new ideas stolen from the whole brain teaching website.  I usually make this board an achievement board, posting the A papers and outstanding work, so when I read about the Super Improvers I thought that it would be a much more productive for my students.  I am going to make charts for each class and give students a star on their chart any time they improve ANYTHING, homework, quizzes, tests, classwork.  Still thinking about what I'll do when they get a certain number of stars.  I know I will be taking their picture and posting it up there.
The little board behind my desk is getting replaced with a larger one and I will be making that all about my homeroom.

I teach both 7th and 8th grade so I gave them their own area for Do-nows, homework and objectives.  I will be putting something in that bare corner but I'm not sure what yet!

This is my word wall and I have a great idea for this year too.  I HATE making those word strips and the kids barely notice them anyway so what I am doing is I will put all of the vocab words for the unit on our class website and then selected students will take home the strips and THEY will make the word strips!
Still overwhelmed but now that my room is started I am feeling a little better!

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