Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fit To Teach

I have another blog, which I actually have a link to in this blog called "Fit to Teach." I started it almost exactly one year ago on 8/24/14.  I intended it to help me stay on track, but I got somewhat blindsided by a tough year and gave up once again.  However, as I tell my students, you only fail when you give up.  So I'm at it again.  Lately I've just been using it as a log for my weight lifting workouts which I intend to keep up this year again!

I was going to post something I discovered  just recently but figured it would be worth sharing with other teachers who may not be inclined to read my fitness blog.  Now this is not new at all but it has me so excited!  I love to walk for my "cardio" exercise in addition to lifting weights and I usually make a Spotify playlist and go.  Well, for some reason my playlist wasn't doing it for me and I started surfing around on my phone while I walked (actually I stopped at corner since I did fall one time while trying to use the internet on my phone and walk at the same time!) Anyway I stumbled onto Bam! Radio Network and I am now hooked!

I can listen to 3-5 clips at a time and get 45-50 minute walks in all while learning a ton!  I LOVE it!!
I've been hitting my 5 mile+ goal everyday and almost got 10 miles on Friday!  I also like the fact that I don't let myself listen to it unless I"m walking so I'm getting 10 min mini walks in every once in a while too.