Friday, April 3, 2015

March Reflections

I have to say these past two months have been one of the most challenging  and emotional times I can remember.  The challenges certainly include the PARCC testing we had this month and after seeing such great success I had with flipping my class, I was so disappointed when I noticed the old attitude that "the test is over, I don't have to learn" coming from the students.  It was something I didn't expect at all since they know they have another test in May.  We had our 3rd marking period report cards and conferences this week and I'm feeling pretty down about the way the year is going.  
In addition to this stress, we lost my dear mother-in-law two weeks ago.  She was diagnosed in August of last year with pancreatic cancer and about the end of January took a turn for the worse, we went out to KY to see her in the middle of February and that is the last time I got to see her.  My husband went out again by himself a week before she passed.  
I took another week off of school to go say goodbye and mourn with our family in KY.  It was a very sad and hard time.  
However, the Friday before we came home a little miracle came into our life.  My father-in-law lives outside of town in the country and people are always dropping off unwanted kittens and puppies.  Well we found the cutest little puppy who just melted our hearts and we ended taking her home with us.  Meet Ruthie (named after my mother-in-law)  She is less than 12 weeks old, and the vet thinks she is a Yorkie/Jack Russel mix.  

Ruthie and Sarah the exact moment we found her.
Country dog is now a Jersey girl and spoiled by all of us!
I am disappointed in my lack of blogging, I have had so many things going on that I should be writing down and its really bothering me.  
Yesterday I received a note from one of my 5th graders.  He has been struggling terribly this year with social and academic issues.  The day after his report card conference he gave me the letter.  I don't have it with me, but he talked about how he is not smart and can't challenge himself among other sad statements.  He also tried really hard to participate in class.  I've been trying so hard to help this student and I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I know that I have got to change his mindset about himself and build him up, I hope that I can do it!

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