Sunday, January 18, 2015

In Love with Flipping Again!

Friday I gave my second quiz since fully flipping my classroom and I am pretty impressed and excited by the results.  This is just one class, but it was the exact same in my other 3.

There are so many positives I am seeing that just pop out to me, particulary since I have more teaching experience now,
Although I am embarrassed to show my videos, I can tell they are getting better than they were the first time I flipped, I know that when I make them I can concentrate more and present the concepts much better than when done "live".  As far as the student side of it goes, I totally see the benefits they are getting from taking the notes at their own pace without the distractions of the class.  The nice thing too is that since we use google classroom, they feel comfortable asking questions right away.  So if they are watching a video they won't think twice about popping into classroom and asking for clarification on something.  I love it!  Another thing I notice is that it seems getting the lesson the night before gives students time to let the ideas marniate before jumping in and using it.  When they come to class there is such an improved focus and they are asking wonderful questions.  I really need to blog more about the day to day observations to really document it all. 
There are tons of things I need to improve, but I am really excited to work on this more and more!  I am also super excited to see how our 3rd benchmark exams go in February!  

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