Monday, September 2, 2013

My First Currently

Wow!  I am finally doing a Currently link up!  I've always liked reading these and thought they looked so cute and creative. I never knew how it worked until I stumbled upon this blog!

  I hope I didn't cheat with the same wanting and needing but they really are one and the same!!

I'm listening to Fall Out Boy and Panic! because I am taking my 16 year old and her friend to the concert on Sunday.  I am super lucky that I like these bands, I don't know what I would do if we didn't like similar types of music!

So The Thinking Blocks website is really  We are using Math in Focus: Singapore math and one of the strategies they use a lot is bar modeling.  This website/app is going to be fantastic in teaching them how to use the bar models!  Oops I did the old the the typo!!

Going crazy trying to figure out how to "teach" kids to have a growth mindset.  I have been searching for youtube videos to play for them, but none seem to be what I'm looking for.

Wanting/needing.  Oh boy this is a big one. It started out as 20 pounds three years ago and has been creeping up ever since.  The sad pathetic thing is that I know exactly what to do and how to do it, yet I do the exact opposite. So I want to do this because I can't stand not fitting into any of my clothes, looking at pictures and not recognizing myself and I need to do this because I can't keep on going the way I am or I will be over 200 pounds and at 5'1" that is not healthy at all.

So the three things I picked for the love yourself spot are to make sure I drink my water (really want to get a gallon in, but I'll start with 100 oz for now.) Pack my meals because if I do that I know I will stay on track and then lastly make sure I spend time with my own two kids each day and just focus on them.  It is easy now that they are older and self sufficient to think that just being in the same room is enough, while I try to grade papers, make up new lessons etc. and really make sure I'm focusing on them.

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  1. Hi Robin!

    Packing my meals each day is something I totally struggle with. Good luck meeting your goals this month! :)