Monday, September 9, 2013

First Week Recap

One of my goals for this year was to blog more, last week was fast and this weekend was just a killer with lesson plans due Monday, our first annual Back to School BBQ (huge success!  Met lots of new parents in a nice "out of school" setting-really helps us to establish a community!) on Saturday and then taking my daughter and her friend to a concert in Philly on Sunday.
So lets recap, last week was great!  I did all of my expectations and procedures teaching just from their observations (I notice) and their questions (I wonder) and from the Post it activity that Sherrie posted about:  I also did the Guess Who game workshop style and it was a hit!  The thing I love about the workshop model is that it actually works really easily. It didn't feel like I was "doing" some special thing.  After our discussion about mistakes and how we learn from them, the students discovered that it is not the actual mistake you learn from but the feedback you get!  I thought that was really cool.
I made sure to focus on how this year we are going to dig deeper into the math and that our focus is not going to be only on getting the correct answer but explaining how we got it.  And on that note I am going to stop.  I am so beat, want to check in on #msmathchat and I want to keep my goal of posting, so if I try to make beautiful epic posts it will not happen!!!

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