Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Data Wall

I've never been a fan of the data walls that show where students fall individually in three levels, above level, on level and below level.
However, I have created a data wall for my third graders as a visual motivator on the whole class level.  They love it and so do I!

I have two classes of third graders so I kind of put them in a challenge to push each other.  I haven't promised them any prizes for winning, but they know as a whole 3rd grade they are working to get to and stay in the green area,
Since my school uses benchmark testing every six weeks, I've used the standards they are working on for this upcoming benchmark.
I've also indicated on here the attempts.  So last week they were only around 25% and 30% on 3.NF.A.1 and with a little more work this week they knocked it out of the park getting all the way up to the 80% range!  They were so excited and noticed their growth.
I can't believe what difference a little thing like this is making.  It is giving them a new purpose to work hard and try their best.  I also notice them glancing over to the chart when I tell them the objective for the day and they see the CC standard listed.
I can't wait to see how they do on their benchmark test in February!!

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