Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Almost Giving Up on This Blog

I've had a really discouraging year.  I can't really say why, but I don't feel that after 5 years of teaching I am where I want to be.  Now granted I have switched grade levels and definitely feel better about the content this year than I did last year, but still I am not happy with my performance.
Anyway... I saw this on Facebook today and it reminded me of a few reasons I started blogging in the first place. So as summer approaches I might not blog a lot but I will try to keep this a little more current.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I've been wanting to start blogging for a long time and this is an encouragement. I've had few discouraging years, of course, there are great moments but I'm worn out. I'm in constant search of ways to improve every aspect of what I do. Maybe blogging will help me make sense of it all!

  2. Hi Amy! It really can be fun and I definitely experienced all of those things in the infographic I posted. Now that the year is winding down I will have more time to start posting again, but of course its boring in the summer with no students!!