Friday, January 15, 2016


Here we go!  Here was my day, sort of typical but with an extra meeting thrown in. Figured I'd do today since the rest of the week was a blur!

5:00am:  Alarm goes off and I snooze for about 2 minutes...  I set the snooze for 5 minutes but
This girl decides that I am not allowed to sleep any later because she MUST eat!
Then this sweetness has to go for her walk, I'm dreading the first snow storm!
5:20: Hop in the shower and get ready
6:00: Cook breakfast for me and the pup (I eat egg whites and cook the yolks for her)
6:20: Put lunches together for me and the kid.  Make sure the kid's backpack is ready with his school Chromebook charged.  Hunt down his cell phone and glasses and put them on the kitchen counter with his Zyrtec (I won't tell you how old he is, but let's just say he's a little spoiled.)
6:40: Hubby comes home from his 3rd shift job and we chat and spend a little bit of time together.
7:00: Leave for school.
7:25: Get to school and head up to my classroom.  Get my laptop set up, print out a bunch current event articles that my students emailed to me so I can print for them.  The social studies teach won't do it.  Whatever.  Read other emails, empty out my bags, make sure room is ready for the day.  
7:50:  Go outside for morning meeting.  We used to have a nice auditorium where the whole school gathered to hear daily announcements, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Mission Statement and Excuses poem, but now we have to do it outside as long as the temp is above freezing and its not raining/snowing.
8:05-8:15: Stand in my classroom doorway and get kids to their lockers in groups.  This was one of my big culture shocks I'd guess you'd say about switching from being an 8th grade homeroom to a 5th grade homeroom.  The students have such a hard time at the lockers!  This year is a tad bit better than last, but its still an event.
8:15: 1st class (5th grade double block)
10:00: 2nd class (5th grade double block)
11:40: Get students to their lockers and ready for recess/lunch and the afternoon.  Happy beyond words because today they are finally getting better about hallway procedures.  Its been a little rough since winter break, but having them "practice" during recess a few days really helped!
11:45: After dropping off students for recess, run back up to my room and get ready for the afternoon with 6th grade.  I have two 6th grade classes, and one of them is struggling with simplifying expressions so I have to make new copies of the practice pages from the 5th grade resource book.  Make copies and bring them back to my classroom and get my lunch. 
12:00: Eat while grading some papers.
12:30: Pick students up from lunch. 
12:35: 3rd class (6th grade) 
1:00: Go to Director's office to sit in on a conference call with a consulting company that we will be using for our charter renewal and possibly high school expansion!!!! So super excited to be a part of this process.  It will be my 2nd charter school renewal but adding the high school is going to be such an experience!  If, it's a go, there is still a lot of research to do first. 
2:10: Run back up to classroom, check in with the sub to make sure the rest of 6th grade went well, thankfully it was our RTI coordinator who I work very closely with so everything was cool and on track. 
2:15: Get my homeroom packed up for the end of the day and down to music class.
2:20: Back to Director's office for a meeting a students we are concerned about in 5th/6th grade.  There are a bunch.
3:25: Run back up stairs to put down my laptop and grab my coat.  Pick kids up from music and bring them outside for dismissal.
3:30:  Chat with a few former students who pick up siblings.  I LOVE when I get to see them!  One of my favorite girls that I've know since she was in 4th grade when she came here from El Salvador is becoming so grown up, she's in 10th grade now!
3:45: Bring my 2 stragglers inside so they can call parents. 
3:50: Back to classroom and sit for 2 minutes deciding whether I should stay to get caught up with grading and stuff for next week or shove it all in my bags and leave... Decide to start shoving.
4:00: Punch out and notice that my hours look weird. Go in and talk to the secretary and we investigate the software and the time clock.  There seems to be something buggy going on, my punch didn't show up and it looks like a few of my punches didn't take.  
4:20:  So we get that straightened out and I finally leave school.  I will never be able to walk out at 4:00,  I don't know how some people do it!
4:01: Call hubby and he asks me to pick up Subway for dinner.  I am so stingy and I hate spending money on fast food when I have food to cook at home, but this is my daughter's last weekend home and she wants it, so I go. We take her back to college on Sunday and I'm already starting to get teary thinking about it.
4:30:  Get the Subway and head home.
5:00: Home!  Walk the puppy. Eat dinner with family (teary eyed again thinking about the girl leaving) 
5:30: Start grading the 5th grade quizzes.  I usually don't touch work on Friday night, but I know that with the road trip to Rhode Island on Sunday and  wanting to spend time with family before girl leaves (tearing up again) I better start chipping away at it!
7:00: Walk pup again, this time a longer walk gotta get my fitbit steps up!  
7:30: More work, take a ride with girl to Sally's Beauty store for her to get hair dye.  I don't know how the child still has any hair. She bleaches it and dyes it a new color every week or so.  
9:00 Start writing this post and will then shut down for the night.  Watch a little TV or maybe my guilty pleasure-play a game or two of Twenty.
10:00: goal is to be in bed!  

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  1. Robin it was great hearing about your day. I also teach 6th grade math. Thanks for sharing!