Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 29: Benchmarks, Mathclub, and 24 Game!

We started our first of 4 benchmarks today.  We are using Achivement Network to create them and analyze the data.  I still have mixed feelings about the whole process.  First of all I like the fact that I am not creating or grading them, and after briefly flipping through the copy I see that I did "teach" everything that is on it.  However, since there were only 5 real teaching weeks and some pretty juicy stuff (ratios, rates, percents etc) for 6th grade I don't feel that they are ready.  Oh well!  We'll see what happens tomorrow!

Since we test all morning and I don't see all my classes, I figured this was a great time to break out the 24 Game and start teaching it to them.  Boy oh boy did they love it!!  One thing I'm really glad about is I am starting them out from the beginning with doing the calculations in their head and also stating the last fact first.  In the past I let them use paper but when it came down to the official challenge rules they really struggled.

Oh and I am super excited to be starting our first math club on Thursday!  I signed up with MathCounts and have my club in a box all ready to go!

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