Sunday, December 29, 2013


Oh how I've needed this winter break!  As the days of luxury draw to a close I would like to write about the wonderful discovery I have made over this holiday vacation.
I am more than a middle school math teacher!  I worked so hard for this career, starting when I was 35 years old with a 6 year old and a newborn baby. After 20 years of secretarial and retail jobs I decided I wanted more and went after it!  My goal for so long has been to be a great teacher and you know what it is a HARD goal!  Am I giving up?  Heck no, but I think I am starting to realize that in order to be a good teacher I have to be more than a teacher, I have to be me.  

I am also realizing that I need fitness,exercise and clean eating in my life.  Is it natural, nope I am and am surrounded by junk food junkies, but I was looking back on photos from facebook and my computer and I am much happier when I am involved in the bodybuilding lifestyle.  So although I will feel like the biggest poser alive, I am starting fresh on New Years Day and will get back to eating clean and lifting heavy.

Finally, since I've gotten sick over the holidays and let my house fall into shambles, I've decided I need to nurture my home more.  I've never been a suzy homemaker, but I've realized that I have to make our home more "homey" and represent our family values and taste.  I think the 10 year old is old enough to keep his legos contained to his room so I may have more freedom with this.  Although I still don't know where that $400 Lego Death Star is going to live! It is massive!

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