Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 10 Update

Midweek update since I feel incredibly guilty for ignoring my blog!  I feel like I have nothing "good" to share, but I also know that any reflection is good reflection!

I am excitedly thinking about "flipping" again.  I want my class time filled with "juicy" problems not what I call the Plain Janes.   However, I know my students and if they haven't been exposed to the Plain Janes, they will shut down on me when trying to problem solve.  So... I am going to start filming the basics and having them preview it before class this way when they come in and have to solve the word problem that relates to the concept they will have the confidence to persevere.

Something new I'm thinking about for this year is grabbing students to be the "stars" of the videos.  I will narrate while they write out the problems on the board.  I hate my picture and how I look on film and I think they will LOVE this!  What a great reward for them too.

I filmed my first lesson yesterday and will give it to them tomorrow night.  I haven't got all the permission slips back for Edmodo yet, will get all of the missing ones at Parent Teacher conferences next week, but for now I am going to put the videos up on my school website.  Once we get Edmodo rolling I will have them answer a few questions for homework as well as watch the video.  I am excited about how this is going to work out.

In class I will feel more comfortable about running a "workshop" environment.  My mini-lesson will be focused on connecting the skill to the task.

On another note, I had a student from two years ago come visit me today.  I love this so much!  It amazes me how much they grow up from 8th grade on, and how much they appreciate me now!  LOL!

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