Thursday, August 22, 2013

Classroom Decorating Day 1

Got into my classroom today to try and work on it.  I've been in for like an hour here and there, but not really doing anything but moving piles around and stuff. I'm at the point where I've accumulated a lot of junk and I have a bit of a hoarder side to me.  Anyway, I brought my gang (son-10, daughter and her friend-16) We made a lot of progress organizing my piles, throwing away a TON of stuff thanks to my daughter's friend and starting to put the room together.

I'm terrible with decorating and when I asked my daughter what I should do she suggested an owl theme since I really like owls (well, mostly hawks, but owls are more scholarly!) She decided to do the one bulletin board at the back of my classroom, this is where I usually put up outstanding work.  Can anyone help me with a title?  I am thinking "Whoo did a great job!" but I don't know if that's too "kiddy"
Here is what she has done so far, we stuck the owl into the tree but he will be perched on a branch she is still making that will go on top of the board.  I love it so far!

Now my next dilemma is my desk area, where that gray filing cabinet is I had a huge locker that I got rid of, but I feel like it all looks so sloppy.  I LOVE the fact that I have shelf space now (that little bookshelf is new and there is a larger wooden one next to it) and I can free up that gray filing cabinet for files.  My question is do you think I NEED to decorate the filing cabinet, desk, and bookshelves with contact paper, or duct tape?  I mean I would love to, but it would be time consuming and I really can't afford to spend too much right now.  Things are still a mess but this is basically the set up it will be for the year, when I say my room is tiny, I mean tiny!  I have to have everything pushed up to the back wall like that to make room for desks!

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